Flight Schools in Brisbane

28 Top Flight Schools in Brisbane: A Complete Guide

Dreaming of becoming a pilot? Train with some of the Best Flight Schools and instructors in Brisbane and get your commercial or private helicopter license or improve your skills.

Make your dream come true and become a pilot while having lots of fun!

Below are the Top Flight Schools in Brisbane and what they offer. 

Learning to fly is exciting, fulfilling, and enjoyable! If you want to learn how to fly, Flight Schools will guide you through each step. 

These Schools take pride in helping students feel confident as they overcome learning challenges on their path to becoming skilled pilots. 

From beginners experiencing the joy of flight for the first time to flying enthusiasts aiming for professional flying licenses, flight Schools in Brisbane offer flight lessons for everyone. 

With experienced instructors, they guide and train students at every step of their flying journey.

With Flight Schools in Brisbane,  students get to enjoy affordable and safe flying in a supportive and enjoyable environment. 

Training focuses not only on flying skills but also on safely operating aircraft in real-world situations. The syllabus ensures that even part-time students develop into well-rounded pilots. 

Anyone 14 or over can take advantage of these opportunities to pilot an aircraft and learn how to fly. All you have to do is take the first step and pick from the variety of flight schools listed. 

List of Flight Schools in Brisbane

  • Brisbane Aviators
  • Pathfinder: Pilot Training Brisbane
  • Flylink Aviation College
  • Fly Now Redcliffe
  • Aviation Australia
  • Stick ‘n Rudder
  • Basair Aviation College
  • Cirrus Training Australia – Flight Training Brisbane
  • Elite Helicopters 
  • Aeropower Flight School
  • TAFE Queensland
  • Airwork Aviation
  • Australian Helicopter Pilot School
  • A.S. Flying School
  • V2 Helicopters
  • Aircraft Training Australia 
  • Flight One 
  • Strike Aviation Training
  • TEAM Aviation
  • Advanced Aviation Training 
  • Flightscope Aviation
  • Flight Tech – Pilot Training
  • Avalon Air Services
  • UPRT Australia
  • Caboolture Recreational Aviation
  • Utility Helicopters
  • Ansett Aviation Training
  • Davirsi-FLY

Brisbane Aviators

Brisbane Aviators specializes in catering to self-paced students seeking professionalism and flexibility in their training schedules. 

Their clientele includes aspiring pilots pursuing aviation careers and enthusiasts working towards obtaining a Private Pilot License for recreational flying. 

Affiliated with Basair Aviation College, they boast a team of highly qualified instructors dedicated to helping individuals achieve their aviation goals. 

With a diverse fleet, Brisbane Aviators ensures aspiring pilots acquire essential skills for success. Their in-house maintenance team meticulously maintains the fleet to high standards.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.brisbaneaviators.com.au
  • Phone: +61732702444
  • Address: Hangar 1, Qantas Avenue, Archerfield,  Brisbane,  Queensland, Australia. 

Pathfinder: Pilot Training Brisbane 

Offering flight lessons for beginners and enthusiasts alike, PathFinder Aviation prioritizes values of Value, Safety, and Fun. 

They provide a cost-effective pathway to various pilot certifications, including RA-Aus Pilot Certificate, Recreational Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence, and Commercial Pilot Licence, all at Archerfield. 

With a focus on convenience and preparation, PathFinder Aviation offers flexible scheduling, provides briefing materials upfront, and records every flight for review purposes. They operate modern and comfortable aircraft, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience. 

Emphasizing real safety, they equip students with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions regarding flight planning, weather assessment, aircraft inspection, communication procedures, and overall preparedness for each flight.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://pathfinderaviation.com.au
  • Phone: (07) 3255 5734
  • Address: Archerfield Airport, PathFinder Aviation

Flylink Aviation College

Flylink Aviation College, based in Brisbane since 2017, stands out as one of Queensland’s premier flight schools. 

Specializing in training new pilots, they prioritize both technical proficiency and non-technical skills like decision-making and situational awareness. 

With a vision of cultivating future aviation professionals, Flylink ensures graduates are well-equipped for success in their careers as pilots. Committed to providing top-quality flight training, Flylink offers a supportive and friendly learning environment led by a dedicated team of professionals 

They offer fully accredited programs approved by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the Australian Government. 

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://flylinkaviation.qld.edu.au
  • Email: contact@flylinkaviation.qld.edu.au
  • Address: 224 Qantas Ave, Archerfield, QLD, 4108

Fly Now Redcliffe

Fly Now Redcliffe, established in 2012, stands out as a premier flying school specializing in Recreational Flight Training. 

With over 30 years of experience, they have earned the title of Brisbane’s top flying school. Operating seven days a week from Redcliffe Airport, they offer training in their fleet of three Tecnam aircraft known for their precise control and ease of handling. 

The experienced instructors at Fly Now Redcliffe prioritize teaching the basics while instilling good discipline and aircraft handling skills. All flights are Trial Instructional Flights, providing hands-on flying experience under expert guidance. 

With over 7,500 hours of instructional experience, instructors at Fly Now Redcliffe are adept at recognizing and addressing any challenges students may face, guiding them toward becoming skillful pilots.  

Proximity to other airports like Caboolture and Caloundra provides students with opportunities to gain diverse flying experience. Fly Now Redcliffe not only teaches students to become pilots but also helps mold them into competent aviators.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.fly-now-redcliffe.com

Aviation Australia

Located near Brisbane International Airport, Aviation Australia boasts a state-of-the-art main campus offering a wide array of professional aviation courses. 

Catering to various career paths such as aircraft maintenance engineering, cabin crew, pilot, and remote pilot training, their courses are delivered by experienced and qualified instructors. 

At their Brisbane Technical Training Centre, students receive hands-on aircraft maintenance training in a fully operational hangar equipped with a range of static aircraft. The center also includes workshops for sheet metal, avionics, and composites. 

Students undergo holistic training to prepare them for various scenarios they may encounter as flight attendants.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://aviationaustralia.aero/about/campuses-facilities/brisbane-campus/
  • Phone: +61 7 3860 0900
  • Address: 20 Boronia Rd, Brisbane Airport, QLD 4008.

Stick ‘n Rudder

Stick ‘n Rudder prides itself on cultivating pilots with exceptional skills and high levels of satisfaction. Their holistic approach to flight training emphasizes the end goal, ensuring students develop comprehensive skills and confidence. 

With some of the most experienced instructors in the country, Stick ‘n Rudder offers tailored training on Tailwheel aircraft, renowned for producing pilots with superior aircraft handling abilities. 

Conveniently located near the Bruce Highway, their courses cater to individuals traveling from the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.

Stick ‘n Rudder also offers specialized courses such as Bush Flying, emphasizing heightened situational awareness and precise aircraft control, and Tailwheel Endorsement training, ideal for pilots looking to enhance their general flying skills.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.sticknrudder.com.au/flight-training/brisbane-flight-school/&
  • Email: fly@sticknrudder.com.au

Basair Aviation College

Basair Aviation College, Australia’s premier flight training institution, was founded in 1991 to provide aspiring pilots with a comprehensive and integrated curriculum. 

Graduating as fully qualified commercial pilots within a year, students benefit from a world-class education and the opportunity to fly for major airlines worldwide, with hundreds of alumni already doing so. 

Basair’s commitment extends beyond technical training to nurturing lifelong learners and rounded professionals, ensuring graduates are well-equipped for successful careers. 

Emphasizing continuous learning and growth, Basair collaborates with leading education providers to deliver top-notch flight training nationwide.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://basair.com.au
  • Phone: (+61 2) 9791 0111
  • Address: Basair Aviation College PO BOX 173, Georges Hall NSW, 2198 Australia

Cirrus Training Australia – Flight Training Brisbane

Cirrus Training Australia, located in Brisbane, is a premier flight training institution specializing in Cirrus aircraft. As a Cirrus Platinum Training Partner, they adhere to global standards of excellence in flight training. 

Offering personal, one-on-one instruction, they also accommodate multiple pilots simultaneously. With modern Cirrus aircraft available for use, students can opt for personalized training experiences. 

Boasting over 25 years of experience Cirrus Training Australia ensures top-notch instruction. 

Their Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) undergo rigorous training, further exemplifying their commitment to excellence in aviation education.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.cirrustraining.com.au/flight-training/
  • Phone: 07 3118 1723
  • Address: Cirrus Aircraft Training Head Office, PO Box 266, Archerfield BC QLD 4108

Elite Helicopters 

Flight Training at Elite Helicopters, Brisbane’s newest flying academy, provides students with an exceptional helicopter training experience. 

Boasting highly skilled Grade 1 instructors, modern facilities, and expertly maintained aircraft, all training, both theoretical and practical, takes place at the Archerfield Airport headquarters. 

As a proud member of the Elite Aviation Group, Elite Helicopters focuses on producing high-quality pilots, offering courses such as the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) for those aspiring to pursue an aviation career. 

With a commitment to hands-on, real-world training, Elite Aviation Academy ensures students are well-prepared for successful careers in aviation. 

Additionally, their extensive network aids students in securing employment opportunities post-graduation. Led by friendly and experienced instructors, Elite Helicopters provides specialized training, endorsements, and ratings to cater to diverse aviation aspirations.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://elitehelicopters.com.au/flight-training/
  • Phone: 0400 481 597
  • Email: admin@elitehelicopters.com.au
  • Address: 404 Wirraway Avenue, Archerfield, QLD

Aeropower Flight School

Aeropower Flight School, a prominent part of the Aeropower group, has been a cornerstone of helicopter pilot training since its establishment in 1988. 

Headquartered at Redcliffe Aerodrome in Brisbane, Australia, Aeropower Flight School stands out as a leading institution for both commercial and private helicopter pilot training. 

Aeropower Flight School prides itself on providing real-world training for aspiring helicopter pilots, leveraging its extensive experience in utility operations. 

The school’s commitment to safety and regulatory compliance is evident through its comprehensive integrated management system, accredited with ISO 45001 certification. 

With a strong emphasis on practical training and industry relevance, Aeropower Flight School continues to nurture the dreams of aspiring helicopter pilots, offering a pathway to success in the dynamic aviation industry.  

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.aeropowerflightschool.com.au
  • Phone: 0733859500
  • Email: info@aeropower.com.au
  • Address: Redcliffe Airport, Hangar 32, Nathan Rd, Rothwell, QLD 4022, Australia

Other Top Flight Schools in Brisbane:

TAFE Queensland

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://tafeqld.edu.au/courses/study-areas/infrastructure-and-transport/transport/aviation
  • Phone: 1300308233
  • Address: Gatton, Newton, Eureka and Wilkinson Streets, Cairns Qld 4870

Airwork Aviation

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://airwork.com.au
  • Phone: (07) 5495 8000
  • Address: 5/19 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture QLD 4510

Australian Helicopter Pilot School 

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.australianhelicopterpilotschool.com.au/locations/redcliffe/
  • Phone: 0499 224 400
  • Email: info@queenslandhelicopterschool.com.au
  • Address: Redcliffe Heliport, Hangar 1, Boomerang Court, Kippa Ring QLD 4021 Australia

A.S. Flying School

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://asflyingschool.com/flying-school-courses/
  • Phone: 07 3157 4555
  • Email: info@asflyingschool.com
  • Address: Archerfield Airport, Qantas Avenue, Archerfield, Queensland 4108, Australia

V2 Helicopters

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://v2heli.com/flight-training/ 
  • Phone: (07) 3274 6666
  • Email: info@v2heli.com
  • Address: Hangar 219, Qantas Ave Brisbane, Queensland


Aircraft Training Australia

Contact Info.:

  • Visit the Website: https://aircraftaustralia.com.au/brisbane/
  • Phone: 07 3448 6387
  • Email: info@aircraftaustralia.com.au

Flight One 

Contact Info.:

  • Visit the Website: https://flightone.com.au
  • Phone: 07 3123 7300
  • Email: info@flightone.com.au 
  • Address: Tisdall Aviation Centre, 4 Qantas Avenue Archerfield Airport Archerfield, Brisbane, QLD 4108

Strike Aviation Training

Contact Info

  • Visit the Website: https://www.strikeaviationtraining.com.au/
  • Phone: 0412 970 855 / 0422 174 871
  • Email: paul@flyingsigns.com.au / karen@flyingsigns.com.au 
  • Address: Hangar 105A McNaught Road, Caboolture, QLD 4510

TEAM Aviation

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.teamaviation.com.au/learn-to-fly
  • Phone: +61 7 3556 6216
  • Email: enquiries@teamaviation.com.au

Advanced Aviation Training

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.advancedaviation.com.au/ 
  • Phone: 0492996932
  • Address: Hangar 58 “Bob Tait Building” Wirraway Dve, Redcliffe Airport

Flightscope Aviation

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.flightscopeaviation.com.au/ 
  • Phone: (07) 3272 7707
  • Email: info@flightscopeaviation.com.au
  • Address: 643 Grumman Close, Archerfield QLD 4108, Australia

Flight Tech – Pilot Training

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.flighttech.ucom.au/ 
  • Phone: 07 3077 6778
  • Email: info@flighttech.com.au
  • Address: Ground Floor, Terminal Building, Grenier Road, Archerfield Airport, QLD, Australia.

Avalon Air Services

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.avalonairservices.com/ 
  • Phone: 0438 862 992
  • Email: cameron@avalonairservices.com
  • Address: Avalon Air Services AOC 596554 | Hangar 53, Redcliffe Airport, Wirraway Drive, Rothwell QLD 4022 

UPRT Australia

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.uprt.com.au/ 
  • Phone: 1300 877 828
  • Email: info@uprt.com.au
  • Address: UPRT Australia Brisbane, 628 Lores Bonney Drive, Archerfield

Caboolture Recreational Aviation

Contact Details: 

Visit the Website: 

  • http://www.caboolturerecreationalaviation.com.au/ 
  • Phone: (07) 5499 1699
  • Address: Hangar 104, McNaught Road Caboolture, QLD, Australia 4510.

Utility Helicopters

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: http://utilityheli.com.au/
  • Phone: 07 3875 2973
  • Email: fly@utilityheli.com.au 
  • Address: Hangar 211 Qantas Avenue, Archerfield Airport QLD 4108

Ansett Aviation Training

Contact Details:

  • Visit the Website: https://ansettaviationtraining.com/brisbane/
  • Phone: +61 (0)3 9373 8000
  • Email: enquiries@ansettaviationtraining.com


Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://davirsi-fly.com/
  • Phone: 0412 214 779
  • Email: davirsifly@outlook.com
  • Address: Archerfield Base, Unit 4B, 221 Qantas Avenue, Archerfield Queensland 4108, Australia


If you are looking for a new career in Aviation, Flight Schools in Brisbane are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Take the first step by picking from these varieties of Schools listed as your dream in Aeronautics awaits! Turn your dreams of flying into reality by taking part in flying lessons with Top Flight Schools in Brisbane. Check out the Flight Schools in Chicago.

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