Grants for Churches in Texas

20 Best Grants for Churches in Texas You Mustn’t Miss

Over the years, churches in Texas have received most of their funds from their church members and philanthropists through contributions, offerings, harvests, bazaars, and items selling.

However, today, more and more churches are relying on grant funds to supplement their incomes and programs.

In Texas, Grants available for churches have the power to inspire a brighter future for churches in different communities as they create a larger opportunity for a church to continue its work. 

Church grants come from private corporations and foundations. There are grants for building, renovation, religious education, programs, projects, and community services that churches and missions need.

Specific organizations could have their own requirements. However, in Texas, every church seeking funding must consider one crucial factor as a requirement as your church must be recognized as a nonprofit entity by the Internal Revenue Service.

In this article, we will discuss the grants for churches in Texas to thrive and achieve their full potential.

List of Grants for Churches in Texas

  • The Ryan Foundation 
  • Abell-Hanger Foundation
  • Baptist Community Ministries
  • Cora Foundation
  • George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
  • Ambrose Monell Foundation
  • Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
  • The Trust for the Meditation Process 
  • The Raskob Foundation
  • Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation 
  • Katherine C. Carmody Charitable Trust
  • Lilly Endowment National Clergy Renewal Program
  • Hope Christian Community Foundation 
  • Frank E. Clark Charitable Grant
  • Deaconess Foundation
  • Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation 

1.The Ryan Foundation 

The Ryan Foundation was founded by Helen McKee Ryan and her son, John P. Ryan, in 1983. To reflect all the names of the significant donors to the Foundation.The name of the Foundation was changed to The Thomas M., Helen McKee, and John P. Ryan Foundation.

The Foundation supports many public charities, including health care, human and social services, education, children’s services, and the arts.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that helps to determine the Foundation’s operating policies, acts on all business matters, and takes Action on all grant requests.

Application for the grant is made online, and the deadline for submitting is 1st day of the month preceding the Board Meeting. The Board of Ryan Foundation meets in March, June, September, and December to consider grant request proposals. All grant requests will receive a formal written response specifying the action taken by the Board.

You must first submit a brief one-page letter of inquiry before submitting a full grant request if you have yet to receive a previous one from the Foundation. The letter of inquiry should include your organization’s background and project description of why you seek funds and email it to the Foundation.   

 Early submissions before the deadline day are encouraged.

2. Abell-Hanger Foundation

The Abell-Hanger Foundation started in Midland and the West Texas region. Abell, the founder of the Foundation, developed a deep sense of obligation to the people and rural communities of West Texas.

The Foundation aids in grant-making for the public’s welfare, including education, health, and human services that benefit the community.

The Foundation’s annual grant budget is eligible to Midland and over fifty-six counties in West Texas, such as  Andrews, Bailey, Crane, Borden, Brewster, Cochran, Coke, Cottle, Crockett, Crosby, Culberson, and many more.

Through the application portal, all grant requests must be submitted online. Organizations submitting a paper application will be asked to resubmit digitally. Churches may submit requests for capital projects less than $50,000 (total)

3. Baptist Community Ministries

Baptist Community Ministries is devoted to enhancing the physical, spiritual, and mental health of people and communities in the five-parish in New Orleans as a way of responding to the love of God and keeping with the heritage of Baptists.

This service began in 1926 with the opening of Southern Baptist Hospital, which provides excellent healthcare to patients of all faiths.

The healthcare landscape changed as the hospital was sold in 1995 to create the ministry as a philanthropic foundation. The focus changed from providing direct healthcare assistance to individual patients to making grants to improve the community’s health.

BCM primarily invests in programs in Health, Education, and Public Safety. For over 27 years, the Foundation has awarded over 5,800 grants to more than 1,300 organizations. 

Churches seeking funds from BCM can apply for one of two grant types from the open invitation grants, which are Transom Grants and Discretionary Donations. 

BCM also has four other grant types that are by invitation only: Trustee-Advised Donations, Strategic Grants, Opportunity Grants, Core Funding Grants, and Partners are approved by the BCM Board of Trustees

4. Cora Foundation

The Cora Foundation supports Christian-based ministries that serve the physical, spiritual, and educational needs of people to live a dedicated Christian life.

The Foundation believes their purpose as Christians is to do what brings honor to God. Cora Foundation funds organizations as they grow the capacity of the Foundation’s financial resources.

The grant application process is by invitation of the Foundation’s Directors only. The Foundation doesn’t accept unsolicited letters of inquiry or grant applications. The foundation Directors initiate the application process based on the funding interests and research of ministries.

The Foundation awards grants between $150,000 and $200,000 each year.

5. George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation 

The Foundation was formed in 1954 under the direction of Mary Josephine Hamman to assist churches, associations, and conventions of churches in advancing religion. Over its 66 years of service to the community, the Foundation has awarded $108.9 million in grants and scholarships. 

The George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation is a Texas-chartered nonprofit and tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

They also give grants to aid in education, scientific, and medicals within the State of Texas who are qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

6. Ambrose Monell Foundation

In honor of her first husband, Maude Monell, Vetlesen established the Ambrose Monell Foundation in 1956.

The Foundation is committed to contributing to scientific, cultural, educational, and other charitable initiatives.  

All applicants must use the application form online to apply for grants.

7. Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

This Foundation was established by the son of a Methodist minister, Arthur Vining Davis.

The Foundation Interfaith Leadership and Religious Literacy Program Area supports organizations that promote religious literacy.

The Foundation grants support projects that improve religious student outcomes or enhance faculty leadership activities, including improving educational curricula, creating a good and healthy engagement between religious communities, and enhancing the public understanding of religious beliefs and practices.

Interfaith Leadership and Religious Literacy grants range from $100,000-$300,000, although the Foundations will entertain larger requests.

8. The Trust for the Meditation Process 

The Trust for the Meditation Process charitable foundation, founded in 1986, supports the teaching and practicing of meditation, prayer, and mindfulness. They offer grants to nonprofit organizations such as churches and centers for retreats to renew contemplative Christianity and promote health and wholeness. 

They make 20 to 40 grants annually at $3,000 to $5,000.

They fund projects, which include Meditation courses, workshops, lectures or retreats, training, books, supplies, and equipment for meditation programs. Sabbaticals and other developments for meditation teachers.

9. The Raskob Foundation

The Raskob Foundation is an independent family foundation founded in 1945 by John and Helena Raskob.

 It has built a legacy of grantmaking and philanthropic activity in service to the Catholic Church and all institutions and organizations identified with the church. Currently, five generations of family members continue the vision established by its founders.

The Raskob Foundation accepts applications online, enabling applicants to submit and track the status of each application during all phases of the process.

Supporting Documents are required for the grant application, which includes a complete financial statement, a detailed project budget, and a Letter from the ordinary.

The Raskob Foundation pledged and signed a Funder Safeguarding Pledge sponsored by FADICA, a network of foundations and donors that support Catholic ministries and organizations.

10. Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation 

The Chattanooga Christian community has been a force for good by transforming generosity into a lasting impact.

The Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation (CCF) is the first local Christian community foundation in the United States, founded in 1992. The Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation assists donors, ministries, and legal and financial advisors. They serve local ministries through a grantmaking process. 

They work with many incredible and inspiring nonprofit organizations to meet the essential needs of people in a community, as they believe everyone should have the resources, opportunities, and relationships they need to achieve their full potential and thrive, regardless of place, race, or identity.

11. Katherine C. Carmody Charitable Trust

The Katherine C. Carmody Charitable Trust was established in 1957 by Katherine Carmody of Corsicana, Texas, to support charitable organizations in Texas. 

 Over the years, the Katherine Church Carmody Charitable Trust has granted several million dollars to various organizations in Texas. Grants are limited to charitable organizations for religious, charitable, or educational purposes within Texas. 

Preference is given to charitable organizations serving Navarro County, TX, and the Dallas, TX, area.

12. Lilly Endowment National Clergy Renewal Program

Lilly Endowment Program is a private philanthropic foundation established by J.K. Lilly, Sr., and his sons in 1937 to support the causes of community development, education, and religion. Sector.

They fund significant programs, especially in the field of religion throughout the United States, to deepen and enrich the lives of Christians primarily by enhancing the vitality of congregations and strengthening the pastoral and lay leadership of Christian communities. 

The Endowment also improves public understanding of diverse religious traditions by supporting fair and accurate portrayals of religions in the United States and across the globe.

 In January 2023, about Thirty-five historic Black churches across the United States received grants to help them not only protect and preserve their buildings but carry their missions into the future.

Application for the grant is made online, and a preliminary letter of up to two pages should be submitted. The letter should tell us about your organization, the project you have in mind, the issue or need you seek to address, and the support you will need from us. 

13. Hope Christian Community Foundation 

The Hope Christian Community Foundation is a nonprofit, community-based Christian foundation founded in 1992 by Larry Lloyd to transform the world through God-inspired giving to Christian ministries and academic, economic, and relational nonprofit organizations.  

The Foundation has granted millions to charities, ministries, and organizations around the U.S. worldwide who are seeking community transformation through holistic, gospel-centered approaches.

To be considered for a Hope for Memphis Fund grant, your organization must have a gospel-centered mission.

14. Frank E. Clark Charitable Grant

Frank E. Clark Charitable Grant was established in 1936 by Frank E. Clark to assist primarily small churches and support very low-income adults, including people who are homeless.

Frank E. Clark directed that the remainder of his estate be dedicated to a trust to support religious and charitable organizations. 

To be eligible for grants, your organization must be classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity and tax-exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code 1986.

Your organization (max three pages) containing an overview, description of the project, statement of purpose and the needs, population served, and project timeline should be submitted along with your application.

15 . Deaconess Foundation

The Deaconess Foundation acts as a leader, and a collaborator, and provides financial support through grants to help people in need build careers that sustain themselves and 

their families.

Deborah established the Deaconess Foundation in 1997 and led the Foundation to evolve its grantmaking strategy to focus on basic human needs.

The Deaconess Foundation is now one of the largest private philanthropic funders of workforce initiatives in Texas under DeboDeborah’sdership.

Deborah worked with trustees and constituents to transform the Foundation into a private foundation led by independent trustees.

The first major evolution Deborah led began in 2012 when the Foundations were all United Church of Christ (UCC) churches. However, the Deaconess Foundation continues to honor its UCC legacy by providing mission outreach grants to UCC churches.

16. Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation 

Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation provides support for charitable, religious, medical, cultural, and educational organizations and programs serving the people of the state of Texas.

Grants are made only to nonprofit organizations recognized as public charities by the Internal Revenue Service, serving the State of Texas.

If eligible, churches should submit a one to two-page letter of inquiry, which should include a brief description of the church/organization and the project for which funds are being considered, the total amount of funding needed, as well as the amount being requested from the Foundation.

The Foundation only considers only one application from an organization within twelve months. 

Other Grants for Churches in Texas

  • Adeline and George McQueen Foundation
  • Martha Sue Parr Trust
  • Kenedy Memorial Foundation
  • Texas Methodist Foundation

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the sources of income for the church?

Churches typically rely on donations and contributions for financial support. Although they sometimes hold fundraising events selling goods (such as baked goods, Bible films, or other items).

2. What amount of money can a church get from a grant?

 It is crucial to research the distinct grants available to determine what your church is eligible for, as the sum of money that a church can receive from a grant varies depending on the grantor. Some grants are small, even as others can be quite big.

3. What kinds of initiatives can churches fund with grants?

Many projects grant money can be used for starting or expanding a church program, building or renovating a church building, assisting those in need, and providing homeless people with food or a place to live.

4. Can any church submit a grant application?

Necessarily not. Some grants are only available to churches that meet certain requirements, such as serving a particular population or being in a particular area. To determine whether your church is eligible, it is essential to read the grant application carefully.


These foundations strive to provide a better quality of life for all people in the region through grantmaking, with specific focus areas in health, education, and public safety of churches in Texas.

Ensure your church meets the requirements before applying for grants, and the grants apply to your particular needs as they are available for different needs.

I hope this article is helpful and meets your expectations, as finding a grant that is appropriate for your church may take some time.

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